• Strength, Discipline, Confidence, Leadership, Community

      Strong Girls become Stronger Women is the motto of our martial arts academy. Our focus is to build strength, discipline, confidence and leadership within our community of females. We are a sisterhood who grows better together, from Pre-K(arate) to our Women's class, this is our tribe. WKD Karate 4 Girls.

    • "She loves the fact that the class is all girls, giving her a chance to really be herself. The girls with advanced belts in the class serve as excellent role models. What I love about her karate class is that it is not just a karate class, it is a social, cultural, and academic empowerment group!" - Dojo Parent

      "This dojo is life changing! The instructors are top-notch and create an environment where girls can thrive. Students are held to a high standard and are supported along the way to reach that standard. Amazing! No contracts, reasonable priced and lots of class options."
      - Ms. Erinn, Dojo Mom