• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What makes WKD Karate 4 Girls different?

      Though there are great martial programs in the area, what makes us different, (other than being the area's premiere female-only martial arts leadership academy), we train as a lifestyle as our students are expected to exceed in the dojo, at home, school, work and in their communities. Additionally, we provide a positive atmosphere, empowering females in a family environment.

    • How do I choose a dojo (karate school) that's right for us?

      We suggest visiting our dojo before enrollment to ensure that you are comfortable with the atmosphere, students and instructor. Parent(s) must be present to determine whether we meet your expectations and share with the us your reasons for considering enrollment.

    • Where are classes held?

      WKD Karate for Girls – 9385-C Gerwig Lane – Columbia MD 21046

    • What are the ages you teach?

      We train girls 4 years old to adult.

    • When are your classes?

      We offer classes six days a week. (see schedule tab)

    • Do all ages and levels train together?

      No, our programs are divided. Our Pre K(arate) Program includes 4-6 year old girls. Our Karate 4 Girls Program includes 6.5 -17 year old girls. (and are divided by age and belt rank). And our Karate 4 Women program includes 18+ year old women.

    • May I visit before enrolling?

      Yes! We encourage you to schedule a dojo visit. We have an “open door” policy and welcome all spectators. Check the “Open House” tab for the next scheduled event.

    • What is the attire at the Open House?

      When visiting our dojo during an Open House, you should wear a comfortable shirt, pants (shorts and tank tops are not allowed) and we train barefoot. Once enrolled, students will receive a uniform.

    • How do I get started?

      Contact us to try a FREE class, confirm your start date and schedule to attend our new student orientation and you're enrolled!

    • When can I begin?

      We have open enrollment, students can start anytime.

    • What does it cost?

      Our rates are determined by the program, contact us to discuss the best program for you.

    • How do I pay?

      We accept cash, check in person, auto pay or credit cards through pay pal which includes a 3.5% convenience fee.

    • Do I have to sign a contract?

      No, we don’t believe in contracts…we want you to train because they want to, not because they are contractually obligated.

    • Is there additional equipment needed?

      Yes, students will need to purchase patches, class t-shirt and sparring equipment but we suggest making this investment within the first month; once you are serious about the martial arts training.